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We are a supplier of labour to the road surfacing industry, we have developed into one of the leading national providers of skilled surfacing operatives. Including some of the largest construction companies in the UK.

We have the ability to provide extensive resources, often at very short notice. This has enhanced our reputation for efficiency and flexibility over the years.

Our operatives are skilled across the full range of surfacing activities: motorways, trunk roads, housing estate roads, footpaths and private car parks.

Operatives can be hired daily, weekly or on a long-term basis. Nationally terms can also be agreed to provide labour on a 'lodge' basis if required.

We can provide full machine gangs, handlay gangs or any number of skilled operatives to supplement existing gangs...

Paver Drivers


Roller Drivers

Tractor Drivers

Chipping Operators

Planer Drivers

Box Raisers

General Surfacing Operatives


We are highly competent in the laying of ashpalt, concrete and paving, both traditional and contemporary methods are used.

The materials for our surfacing operations are supplied by market leading manufacturers and we pride ourselves on high levels of quality control and stringent safety procedures.

We are committed to doing the job right first time, every time and we can offer a service where quality, safety and good communication are paramount.

We have a long established record of working in a wide variety of environments...

Major new-build highway projects

Trunk road reconstruction schemes

We also cater for smaller scale surfacing...

Non-trunk roads

Residential streets

Industrial estates

Car parks

Residential driveways

Plant Hire

A fleet of plant is also available for daily, weekly or long-term hire. The machines can be supplied with or without operatives or on a 'machine only' basis.

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Installation Power Buggy Rental
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Construction Site
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